The LibPKI package is aimed to provide a all-in-one PKI handling. This includes not only digital certificates processing, but also communication with PKI building blocks (e.g. CA, RA, etc... ) and repository interaction (e.g. LDAP, HTTP, etc...). Read More...

Easy Data Retrieval
Protocl-Independent Data Retrieval API

Another interesting feature included in the design of LibPKI is to provide a protocol-independent data retrieval API (e.g. LDAP, HTTP, FTP, FILE, etc...). Developers can use the libPKI provided data retrieval functions without the need to know the details about the used protocol implementation.

Easy integration with crypto devices

Part of the libPKI added value is the direct integration with HSMs. At the moment most cryptographic libraries provide integration with HSM by using specific functions and drivers. By introducing the concepts of PKI_TOKEN and PKI_HSM, the library provides abstraction for usage of HSMs for key operations. For example this interface enables a software to store private keys in different devices, e.g. smart cards, usb tokens or TPM.

Profiles and Extensions
XML support for extensions and profile management

To provide even more advanced services to developers, the libPKI implements XML parsing capabilities. The XML capabilities will implement both extensions and profile management (for requests/certs creation and management).

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