Changelog - LibPKI v0.9.0 (Maverick)
* Jun  2 2018 Massimiliano Pala 
- Fixed all warnings from Automake and Autoconf.
- Fixed includes (-I) parameter for tools Makefile.
- Fixed version number and behavior for --with-libdir option.

* May 31 2018 Massimiliano Pala 
- Updated build system by converting INCLUDES to AM_CPPFLAGS in Makefiles.

* May 26 2018 Massimiliano Pala 
- Added LIBPKI_VERSION_NUMBER symbol for versioning control (libpkiv.h).
- Fixed definitions for the different types of stacks.
- Fixed calculation of digest over public keys to align with 
- Fixed the generation of the ResponderID for OCSP responses when using 
  byKey option.
- Small fixes backported from later versions of the library.
- Removed the use of PKI_STACK_TOKEN_new_null() from pki_init.c
- Backported fixes for pki_config.c

* May 24 2018 Massimiliano Pala 
- Small fixes for the HTTP message parsing.
- Added comments for processing X509 URLs in io/pki_x509_io.c.
- Fixed error meessages and code style for token.c
- Small fixes for stack definition.
- Removed the use of _new_null() in stack definitions.
- Fixed memory management for URL data retrieval.
- Added better debugging info for __get_data_callback() for URL retrieving.
- Fixed stack behavior for _free_all() functions.

* Jan 30 2018 Massimiliano Pala 
- Added management functions for KEYPARAMS.

* Jan 29 2018 Massimiliano Pala 
- Added PKI_DIGEST_get_size_by_name()
- Added PKI_DIGEST_get_value()
- PKI_DIGEST_get_value_size()

* Jan 28 2018 Massimiliano Pala 
- Fix for SNAP package building.
- Removed un-used variables in KEYPAIR dup function.
- Fixed compilation for OSSL < 1.1.0x.

* Jan 28 2018 Massimiliano Pala 
- Fixed OpenSSL's HSM Key Duplication.
- Fixed PKI_X509_CERT_is_ca() and PKI_X509_CERT_is_selfsigned() to correctly
  report the right value.
- Fixed defaults for build on MacOS X.
- Fixed missing automake, autoconf, and libtool files.
- Updated autoconf options to remove requirements for pkgconfig(openldap).
- Fixed Log closing and removed initial defaults for the logging facitily.
- Small optimization for FIPS switching..

* Jan  9 2018 Massimiliano Pala 
- Fixed certificate generation for OpenSSL 1.0.x branches.
- Fixed profile load priority and parsing.
- Fixed pki-tool certificate generation procedures and default output
  (now stdout).
- Fixed pre-processor directives (OSSLV numbers).
- Fixed missing #endif for PKCS#11 driver.
- Initial fix for ECDSA PKCS#11 compatibilty for OpenSSL 1.0.x branches.
- Fixed typo in PKCS#11 RSA signing method.
- Fixed C99 int variable declaration.

* Jan  3 2018 Massimiliano Pala 
- Initial update to PKCS#11 v2.40 to support new algorithms
- Updated the list of supported algorithms
- Inital fix for key generation process for PKCS#11 devices
- Fixed signature algorithm checks and setup for PKCS#11 devices
- Added support for multiple RSA Key Gen (X9_31 default)

* Oct 18 2017 Massimiliano Pala 
- Small memory leak fix for logging on stderr and stdout
- Fixed small memory leak in PKI_X509_NAME_get_parsed()
- Simplified PKI_X509_CERT_check_pubkey() internals
- Fixed memory leak for HTTP messages retrieving
- Fixed memory leak for SNI servername
- Fixed setting SNI server name to operate with virtual servers

* Sep 25 2017 Massimiliano Pala 
- Fixed an error for default HSM callbacks for OpenSSL tokens that prevented
  signature generation
- Fixed an error for OpenSSL's key generation (wrong return code)

* Jun  5 2017 Massimiliano Pala 
- Fixed backward compatibility with OpenSSL v1.0.x

* May 28 2017 Massimiliano Pala 
- Initiated port to OpenSSL v1.1.x

* Dec 26 2016 Massimiliano Pala 
- Fixed distclean target to remove test and docs directories
- Fixed some memory issues w/ PKCS11 module
- Fixed some tests details (min key sizes updated)
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