Changelog - OpenCA PKI v1.5.0 (SpecialK)

* Aug 3 2013 Massimiliano Pala 
-Fixed memory leaks in OpenSSL module
-Fixed autoCRL daemon period (hours)
-Removed debugging messages from memory in DBI module
-Fixed displaying SubjectAltNames in CSRs
-Fixed recognizing DECIMAL values in DBI module
-Added support for "NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST" armors in req_pkcs10 command
-Added a fork when daemons are called to add a safe container (gets rid
 of memory leaks inside daemons)
-Fixed a missing "!" in the startup script (/etc/init/openca)
-Fixed a variable reference in (self vs $self)
-Fixed name of the variable "LogConfigurationStartup" vs "LogConfiguration"
 in initLogStartup()
-Fixed the use of close when BATCH is used for the interface
-Fixed an error in startAutoCRL and startAutoRevoke that prevented the
 openca service to start
-Added the Auto Revocation Daemon to the list of started daemons in initServer
-Updated several modules to allow for compiling on new platforms
-Patched DB_File module to correctly work with libdb4/db.h and libdb4/
 on newer systems

* Apr 8 2012 Massimiliano Pala 
-Updated installation script to check for PERL requirements
-Fixed processing wrong logins when starting Auto** daemons

* Apr 5 2012 Massimiliano Pala 
-Fixed CRL daemon when Days was used as Period type
-Fixed error in DBI module that caused automatic rollbacks messages
-New Daemon utils for centralized management of spawned processes
-Fixed initialization issues in initServer
-Added initial support for auto-starting daemons (not fully implemented yet)

* Apr 4 2012 Massimiliano Pala 
-Updated default configuration file for CA interface (missing verifyEmailAddress
-Fixed an error for LOA when its value is 0 (test loa)
-Fixed LOA processing in Auto CA Daemon
-Fixed Signed CRS processing in Auto CA Daemon
-Added first version of Auto Revocation Daemon

* Feb 14 2011 Massimiliano Pala 
-Updated Spanish translation

* Feb 13 2011 Massimiliano Pala 
-Added Email verification system for browser request(s)
-Fixed error in HTML output
-Simplified JS installation (by grouping util scripts in C/ lang only)
-Added verifyEmail command

* Dec 13 2010 Massimiliano Pala 
-Added select/deselect all in listCSR command
-Added tools.js script
-Fixed missing initialization of curr_user in initServer
-Fixed syntax error in initServer (line 757)
-Fixed error in ieVistaCSR.js script (keyUsage, keyProtection, and 
 webObj.CreateObject call)
-Fixed bare word usage in module

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