OCSP Responder
ChangeLog - OCSP Responder 3.1.2 (Diamond)
* Jun  3 2018 Massimiliano Pala 
- Improved handling of non OCSP requests (i.e., HTTP w/out OCSP payload)

* May 25 2018 Massimiliano Pala 
- Fixed warnings under strict compiling options
- Fixed aclocal, automake, and autoconf warnings
- Removed 'addResponderId' option from the default config file
- Fixed ResponderID generation
- Fixed checking condition for CRL validity
- Improved logging for non-verbose case
- Fixed possible memory leaks and overall improved logging for config
  processing and error handling
- Improved CRL check and reload process and logging
- Fixed processing of CRLs and improved logging for CRL check and
  reload process

* Nov  7 2017 Massimiliano Pala 
- Fixed incosistency in OCSP_CACHE_Entry_idx() signature.
- Fixed call to PKI_RWLOCK_init()
- Added forward declaration for OCSPD_CACHE data structure

* Oct 31 2017 Massimiliano Pala 
- Added initial skeleton for caching of responses
- Added configuration example for reverse proxy on Apache
- Fix for post-install init.d links generation for RPM
- Fixed RPM generation and post-install options
- Fixed issue with ocspd man page generation
- Removed unused variables in source code to fix strict compile option

* Oct 19 2017 Massimiliano Pala 
- Added startup option for memory debugging
- Memory leak fix and updated to the last libpki master branch
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