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Setting up a Mirror

It is possible for you to mirror one or all of the prjects you find on the through the RSYNC and FTP services. Here we provide step by step instructions on how to establish such mirrors.

Final Steps

When you mirror the one projects please notice the following two points:

  • Additionally it would be very friendly when you just sent a message to to inform the team about the new established mirror. Your mirror then can be added to the list of available mirror locations.
  • When you re-export the stuff from your mirror PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO ANY APPLICABLE EXPORT/IMPORT LAWS. The authors are not liable for any violations you make here. So be carefully yourself.
Rsync Mirrors
by madwolf

This is the preferred way, because it needs minimal bandwidth to bring your mirror up to date due to the great RSYNC algorithm. And all you need is to install the very portable and robust RSYNC client.

  1. Make sure you have the excellent RSYNC client program (`rsync') installed on your system. If not, please grab the RSYNC distribution first and install it. You can found RSYNC on and

  2. With the following command you now can check which packages are available through the RSYNC service from rsync://
    $ rsync rsync://
  3. Now you have to decide to which local directory you want to mirror at server, say ftp. Let's say you want to mirror the directory into your local /var/myftp/local-ftp directory. Then all you have to do is setup a Cron job which regularly runs the following command:
    $ rsync -rztpv --delete \
        rsync:// \
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